Years ago, the conversion from "ugh, raw fish" to "OMG SUSHI!" was so very dramatic (and expensive.  It was really expensive.)

I really like sushi, its one of my favorite foods. Raw, cooked, roll, or sashimi I don't care it's all good.

Sushi Sushi Sushi! Gluten Free and Oh So Good. Add some crunch with a side of Flatbreads only from Absolutely Gluten Free. #Absolutelygf #Glutenfree #Sushi


Sushi, Nigri Sashimi, rolls and more. Sushi is artisitic. This is my comfort food.

Der kleine Prinz

It is crazy to hate all roses only because you were pricked or to give up on all dreams only because one did not come true -Der kleine Prinz

Die Zeit (und Liebe) eines Menschen ist das größte Geschenk was man besitzen kann *-  wie wahr, also mal dran denken liebe zu spät kommer......

The greatest gift you can give someone is your time.

We'd definitely check out Occidental Grand Aruba's Zen Restaurant  for the extensive sushi bar and the show cooking at the teppanyaki tables! #aioutlet

Sushi is eaten first with the eyes, but our chopsticks can't hold back. Such a beautiful sushi tray. Admire the beauty and color is so many natural things.


I love sushi dates with the hubby! Our favorite place here is called Sushi Court and it has both sushi and hibachi. We recently had a late lunch there with delicious sashimi and a few different rolls. So delicious and healthy!