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Amanda Ahlberg
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Here is one of my FAVORITE no equipment at home workouts for when I want to target my glutes and continue building myself a booty. It's been a long time just getting this far with my backside and there's no way I'm stopping now. Of course heavy weights ar

The Real Rules of Making Polenta (Hint: They're Not What Everyone Says)

All the rules you've heard about how to make polenta are basically not true. So what does matter? From the ratio to the cooking time and choice of liquid, we look at what really goes into making excellent polenta at home.

Make a Moscow mule with ginger ale instead of ginger beer.

A Moscow Mule just mix 1 part vodka with 2 parts ginger beer, a squeeze of lime, and ice in a collins or highball glass. That is, unless you have an authentic copper Moscow mule mug.