i need to make this for judezilla. he would go nuts for hours = mommy enjoying her coffee instead of chugging

I know a boy who would love this:) Deluxe Toddler Busy Board. (how things work.) Bromley Michel - made me think of Hunter and his locks

How fun! I don't think there's a toddler out there who could resist this fun board. Looks very easy to DIY.

Bright & Cheery Playroom

Playroom Inspiration: DIY Busy Board This sensory busy board is part of a playroom made for an almost toddler that was put together on a budget. It looks beautiful and is a great lesson in re-purposing everyday items for play.

Cool!  Toddler activity board.

An idea for Tom to build for me for any students with fine motor difficulties and a fun activity for our grandkids. Homemade busy board for fine motor skill development - this is heaven for a curious kid!

Amazing Activity Boardlilla a

Amazing Activity Board — lilla a

Manual Dexterity Boards ~ Dexterity

Manual Dexterity Boards ~ Dexterity

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