Erinnerung Blumenstrauß

This is a great way to save your wedding bouquet---save the heads of the flowers and frame them in a shadow box. I like the idea just for any dried flowers.

50   IKEA Hacks - IKEA shelves turned sofa table hack from Supernova Wife.  This shelf idea could work for me and the wasted space between the wall and couch because of the heater

50+ IKEA Hacks

Sofa table or console table using Ikea Ekby Jarpen Wall Mounted Shelves. A simple Ikea Hack great for custom size tables (like behind a sectional sofa) SuperNoVAwife

Mit Einweckgläsern die Räume beleuchten

Fairy lights, Great buy, Battery operated led lights with the smallest battery pack on the market for a strand of suspended stars✨ Starry lights✨ Gorgeous lights on a copper coated silver discreet wir

Bild zum runden Geburtstag

I used photoshop to create black and white 1 x photos. I trimmed them leaving a small border of white and then out them in a shape of a 40 for a birthday gift -- great idea for a milestone birthday! Love this idea!

Wenn das für Minimalisten ist, was bin dann ich?!

Hausputz: Der Putzplan für Minimalisten (Infografik)

e8c658edf61c88fe7e0ca530ae4bf521.jpg 640 × 902 bildepunkter

e8c658edf61c88fe7e0ca530ae4bf521.jpg 640 × 902 bildepunkter

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