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omg poor bby, but its the truth, but wouldn't she know he was in a band, and im pretty sure I would kinda force 1D on her even if 2010 was 30 years ago.

in my world, my daughter would say "dont you think the blonde ones hot" and then Niall says" my wife better think im hot.

after we had a long conversation about her cat Meredith (Taylor ) or about how I scream Kevin whenever there's a pigeon (not really ) or how I think the worst and best position in the apocalypse would be an actor being a walker because he may look like the zombies and they won't hurt him but humans will think he's a walker

Imagine doing this to thing is if it were Ashton is pretend to be playing the drums, if it were Luke I would lip sync, I it wet Calum if pretend to play the bass and if it were Michael I would pretend to play guitar.<<<< a bass is a type of guitar

Oh God! LLN

Oh God! LLN


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