5min craft: Toilet Roll Bat Buddies

Get in the mood for Halloween this year with these goofy, not-so-spooky, bat buddies. In just make these cute toilet roll bat buddies with your kids.

halloween výrobky - Hledat Googlem

This great room decoration in the form of a large white horror shape the ghost or Halloween party a success. Ceiling decoration in the form of a mind with spiral end.

Do It Yourself Halloween Craft Ideas – 30 Pics

Halloween Lanterns: Plastic cups, black magic marker, and LED tea-lights. Draw faces on the upside down cups, Add 2 or more tea-lights under each cup.

8ea4478b709a6bdc729fbd77425a6e10.jpg (898×1275)

8ea4478b709a6bdc729fbd77425a6e10.jpg (898×1275)

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