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Fun to Ride and Ready to Jib Everything Board Rome Snowboards, Champions Of The World, Snowboard Bindings, Snowboarding Gear, Work Horses, Fun, Fin Fun, Lol, Funny

Rome Snowboards and Bindings

Fun to Ride and Ready to Jib Everything Board

Rome Warden Snowboard 2019-2020 The Warden, Price Point, Bank Account, Things To Come, Rome Snowboards, Euro, Bamboo, Twin, Mountain

Rome Warden Snowboard 2019-2020

New Warden All Mountain Twin Shaped Board Shred hills, not your bank account. New for 19/20, the Warden is our latest offering for riders who want the performance of Fusion Camber at a friendlier price point. Built to lay down euro carves, poach tree runs and slash windlips with style, the Warden is a board that wants to go fast. With a directional twin shape and deep sidecut, the Warden is all business when it comes to all-mountain liberation. Snowboard Key Tech -XTRD Base -Dual Bamboo…

The 2020 Rome Gangplank is one hell of a freestyle board. Used and abused by most of the Rome team for being a trusty freesyle stick which wont let you down. True twin, mid flex and tons of pop! It packs a punch with a very lightweight core with the pop m Rome Snowboards, Snowboarding Men, Ski Shop, Plank, Skiing, Pop, Good Times, Twin, Powder

Rome Gang Plank Snowboard 2019-2020

All Mountain Snowboard Great for Transitions The buttery-smooth freestyle freakshow. Built for riders that see side hits and transitions around every turn, the Gang Plank is an opportunistic all-mountain pillager. With enough flex and float to pop a front three into powder, but plenty of pressable power to lay waste to the par, the Gang Plank keeps the good times rolling long after the music stops. With a true twin shape and Contact Rocker camber profile, you’re never out of your element…

Rome Agent Snowboard 2019 - 2020 Rome Snowboards, Brace Yourself, Snowboarding Men, Wakeboarding, Barre, Hot Rods, Day, Bamboo, Twin

Rome Agent Snowboard 2019-2020

Fusion Camber Snowboard It’s baaaaaack. Brace yourself, ‘cause the Agent is back, and better than ever. This legacy board never really left, but it’s back with a vengeance and our game-changing Fusion Camber. For riders who want a versatile rip-stick that boosts side hits, owns the park and stomps deep landings, look no further than the Agent. Featuring a new shape with true twin sensibilities, playful flex and heritage for days, the Agent is here to stay. Key Tech: -HotRods: Bamboo Single…

From Rome, this Mechanic snowboard offers a serious bang for your buck as it is loaded with tons of great tech that can cover the whole mountain with a true twin shape and mid flex Rome Snowboards, Snowboarding Men, Ski Shop, Skiing, The Incredibles, Trust, Tech Tech, Hot Rods, Twin

Rome Mechanic Snowboard 2019-2020

Snowboard with Contact Rocker The reliability of a finely tuned machine is a beautiful thing. We all had to start somewhere, and we designed the Mechanic to make sure sitting in the lodge was not an option. Thanks to a forgiving flex paired with a flat running length with rocker in the nose and tail, the Mechanic gets things right the first time, so you can hit the open road and leave those two plankers in the dust. Trust cannot be bought or sold, until now. Key Tech: -HotRods: Glass Single…

Rome Artifact Snowboard 2019-2020 World On Fire, Fun Loving, Rome Snowboards, Rebounding, Hashtags, Hustle, The Voice, Filter, Mountain

Rome Artifact Snowboard 2019-2020

Fun to Ride and Ready to Jib Everything Board The OG Before ‘park boards’ was something you could filter a search by, before ‘rocker’ set the world on fire, before flexing for the gram was a thing; the Artifact was out late, hustling in generator-lit streets. Before hashtags, before clout, before influencers and before Real Snow parts, the Artifact was a statement. It was the voice of Kids on Shred who didn’t want a stiff-flexing all-mountain board; they wanted a fun-loving, jib everything…

Rome National Snowboard 20019-2020 Work Horses, Desert Island, Atv, Rome Snowboards, Freestyle Snowboard, Stuff To Do, Twin, Rest, Shape

Rome National Snowboard 20019-2020

The Do everything Snowboard Work horse dependability, daily driver versatility. The National is a desert island board; if you could only ride one board for the rest of your life, this is it. Never has a board so quickly established itself as an in-house and team favorite than the National. With a ride-anything flex pattern, Fusion Camber backbone and directional twin shape, the National is truly an ATV of a board. Peak to park performance and style for days. Snowboard Key Tech: -TurboRods…

Rome Katana Snowboard Bindings 2019-2020 Rome Snowboards, Snowboard Bindings, Get Loose, Big Mountain, Katana, Ankle Straps, Snowboarding, Snug Fit, Carving

Rome Katana Snowboard Bindings 2019-2020

Customizable Snowboard Bindings The dynamic cult classic. The Katana is our ultra-light binding that pushed the envelope on customization and connected comfort. Now a staple in the line thanks to the its ground breaking AsymWrap Tech, this versatile beast of board-feel helps keep you darting through trees, but doesn’t lose the power you need to rail euro carves. Always the innovator, the Katana gets our new ProGrip Toe Strap for an even more snug fit. The AsymChannel Highback provides the…

Romo D.O.D Snowboard Binding 2019-2020 Rome Snowboards, Do Or Die, Snowboard Bindings, Pressure Points, Working Class, Snowboarding, Ankle Strap, Woods, Butter

Romo D.O.D Snowboard Binding 2019-2020

All-Around Awesome Snowboard Bindings Do Or Die, there is no try. Born in the park, raised in the alpine, the D.O.D. is never out of its element. Equally comfortable picking lines in the woods as they are picking apart park features, the D.O.D. is the bread and butter of our binding collection. Built on our Full UnderWrap platform and loaded with AntiShock 2.0 Highbacks, these working-class heroes have got your back whether you’re squaring up to a heavy down flat down or just taking speed…

Rome Vice Snowboard Bindings 2020 (White Sage,M/L) Rome Snowboards, Snowboard Bindings, Fun Winter Activities, Snowboarding Men, Winter Hiking, Boots Online, Winter Boots, Ankle Strap

Rome Vice Snowboard Bindings 2019-2020

Durable and Light Bindings Lightweight performance and dependability. For riders who want a binding that’s heavy on tech but light on their feet, look no further than the Vice. Designed to bring the surfy feel of AsymWrap to a mid-flexing binding that rides it all, the Vice also features our PivotMount Tech to let riders decide their ideal ankle strap placement. Snow Bindings Key Tech: AsymWrap Technology: Three points of asymmetrical heel hoop connection, flex oriented for maximum board…

Shop a great selection of Rome Snowboards United Snowboard Bindings, Black, Small. Find new offer and Similar products for Rome Snowboards United Snowboard Bindings, Black, Small. Snowboarding Gear, Rome Snowboards, Channel, Ski Boots, Winter Sports, Black Nylons, Snug, Ankle Strap, Vacation

Rome United Snowboard Bindings 2019-2020

Entry Level Snow Bindings Simplicty is a beautiful thing. The United is a smooth-flexing, lightweight, progression oriented binding. Built to advance with you, this binding features full highback rotation and multiple strap positioning options. From day one to day 100, the United is ready to ride whatever you can find. Key Tech: AsymUnited Highback: Lightweight, medium flexing highback Countour Ankle Strap: Soft, comfortable and durable Minimist Toe Strap: Sleek, minimal, one-piece design…

This versatile all-around freestyle binding contains Romes ingenious Asymwrap chassis, meaning they are great bindings at a great price point. Rome Snowboards, Champions Of The World, Snowboard Bindings, Water Trampoline, Price Point, Snowboarding Men, Ski Shop, Channel, Technology

Rome Crux Snowboard Bindings 2019-2020

Flexible Snow Bindings The smooth flexing, freestyle champion of the world. The Crux is designed for riders who want the board feel and freestyle flex of AsymWrap Tech, at a price point we can all get behind. With the design-centric styling of our Minimist Ankle Strap and Minimist Toe Strap, the Crux bindings are pure function. KISS; Keep it simple, send-it. Key Tech: AsymWrap Fixed Heel Hoop: Surfy smooth feel paired with three points of riveted, asymmetric underwrap hold AsymCrux Highback…