Karl Marx gettin' his Napoleon complex on in a great commemorative Soviet stamp from Love the holes in his frockcoat, and even the worn-out arm of the chair he's in.

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10 Ways to Own Less

You may own your stuff, but it owns you right back. It owns your money, your time, your attention, and space in your home.

After essentially codifying what socialism and communism are, Marx seems to think he had enough to say; ironically, his rebuttal of last words make for a very poignant final sentiment

The Last Words Of 17 Historical Figures

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Karl Marx' Grave, Highgate Cemetery

:: Karl Marx' Grave, Highgate Cemetery (East), near to Hornsey, Haringey, Great Britain by mym

If you didn't teach the poor guy how to make a living, he would be still economically dependent on you.

Karl Marx Business Quote - seems like something a money-oriented character may quote

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The Communist Manifesto (1848). This illustration would really help my students understand how Marx viewed Capitalism.

androphilia: “ Pyramid Of Capitalist System A 1911 Industrial Worker (Industrial Workers of the World newspaper) publication advocating industrial unionism that shows the critique of capitalism.