Kerzendeko für außen

Simple DIY Centerpiece

August is almost here and summer is somehow already slipping away. Soon, the kiddos will return to school and late night game night will turn back into early bedtimes and packing school lunches. But for now, there’s more than enough summer left to be.

this is just ordinary rebar but looks really interesting like this - Gardening Trips

this is just ordinary rebar but looks really interesting like this > Interesting use of rebar grid - could use anything to decorate it

!*** Garten, Blumen, Deko ***!

Spring has sprung! We are having fabulous spring days here in Germany! It almost feels like summer! And the high temperatures - aroun.

Margeriten in Hülle und Fülle

Margeriten in Hülle und Fülle

Gardens in White… A fabulous idea, to pot up lots of these daisies and dot them in the white garden when in full bloom, then take them away when they're finished.

Für die Gartenstecker können Sie Draht und Perlen verwenden

Glass Beads Dance in Your Garden It's hard not to smile when you see these sparkling Dancing Garden Jewels bobbing and swaying in the breeze. The multicolored glass beads are strung on flexible, stainless steel wires. "Plant" them anywhere in your garden.

Das Dekorieren im Vintage-Stil entfacht die Sammelleidenschaft und bereichert…                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

Gartendeko vom Flohmarkt

20 + Amazing Brick Pathways That Will Add Charm To Your Garden

Arranging a few old bricks on top of each other makes a simple insect house within minutes. The voids in each layer can be filled with old stems, twigs and other prunings collected from the garden. Bug hotel made from bricks and bamboo - © Lee Avison/GAP

gartenideen alte dosen tulpen

44 Amazing garden decorating ideas - Unleash the charm of your external