Low Rolled Updo <3

Need to get party-ready in a pinch? Or maybe you're in need of a new look for that upcoming dinner party? Our Low Rolled Updo is just the thing! Simple hair for show

Neue abiball Frisur

Braid on the sides/Braided bun- a fun hair style for a special event, party or holiday! The Braided Bun hair tutorial!

Braids with a bun updo :)

Braids wrapped around a low bun. Add a small top hat and go go go for a lovely steampunk hairdo.Same as the blonde one but her hairs longer.

geflochtener "Dutt"

Lace braided updo--simple and perfect for summer! :: Milkmaid Hairstyle:: Braided Updo:: Summer Hair:: Braided Updo ---> For ethnic textures this style is best executed on stretched curls for maximum length.

Wow, eine Frisur wie aus dem Märchen.

Well, the original title of this pin is unintentionally hilarious: 50 Simple Five Minute Hairstyles for Office women: DIY

Dirndlschürze richtig binden: Wohin mit der Schleife beim Dirndl? Die Position sagt einiges über die Trägerin aus...!

Dirndlschürze - wohin mit der Schleife

Significance of the bow position: Left = Single Right = Taken Middle = Undecided Back = Widow

Bereit fürs Oktoberfest? Schöne und schunkelfeste Wiesn-Frisur – o’zapft is! #kerastase #inspiration

22 Ways to Make Your Hairstyle With Braids

Mermaid tail braid Three Braids Hair-Do Twist headband and braid French Braid Bun Hair Tutorial Braided bun – hair style for a special event or holiday Modified

So binden Sie eine perfekte Dirndlschleife!

Die perfekte Dirndlschleife - So geht's!

So binden Sie eine perfekte Dirndlschleife! how you tie your dress has meaning! To the left single- to the right married or taken, in back widowed and in front center virgin.

Herz-Flechtzopf an der Seite

I really want to try this cute, simple heart in my own hair sometime. Valentine's Hair - Heart Braid Tutorial from Hair Romance

Step-by-Step-Styling: Frisuren fürs Oktoberfest - Frisuren & Haare - Magazin - COSMOTY.de

Step-by-Step-Styling: Frisuren fürs Oktoberfest - Frisuren & Haare

different variations of braids (often decorated with flowers in the spring) are quite popular hairstyles in Haven