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The Complicated Tale of Chaplin’s Great Dictator -- Vulture

What did Charlie Chaplin say that amused Germany's ruthless dictator Adolf Hitler? What did Chaplin say that turned the FBI against him?

Obama's ‘Amazing Grace’ - The Atlantic

The president delivers his single most accomplished rhetorical performance, and it’s one you should watch rather than read.

James Cook: The First Voyage

New Zealander Tattoos. [Hawkesworth, vol. plate - this links to images and texts from reports brought back to England from the Cook expeditions.


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Shock Advertising: 40 Campagne Pubblicitare Creative | JuliusDesign

Many children are left without a father or a mother due to the political conflicts all over the world. Unicef made this stunning advertisement in 2006 to support Foster Care Project for Children with the slogan: “Every child needs a family”.

Shockvertising Smokefree Campaign - NHS: Get Unhooked (GALLERY)

Shockvertising Smokefree Campaign - What a powerful campaign! With a slogan of “Get Unhooked”, these print ads from NHS smokefree show young guys and.

Homage to Francesco Clemente, or just an updated interpretation of his idea? « Artsology | An arts blog | Art musings, found art, news, and other art-related items of interest

Homage to Francesco Clemente, or just an updated interpretation of his idea?

Bill Bryson, Photo Credit: Sam Bryson

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