Boewer - Wooden Carpet

These designs by Elisa Strozyk are based on her patented "wood on textile" concept.
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"Wooden Textiles" created by Elisa Strozyk is a material that is half wood-half textile, between hard and soft, challenging what can be expected from a material

Mortimer - in detail

Wooden Carpet Mortimer produced by Boewer designed by Elisa Strozyk, eco sustainable design

Mortimer - 200 x 140 cm

elisa strozyk’s mortimer wooden carpet is made of teak veneer mounted on linen.

Mortimer - 3566 single pieces

Böwer's wooden carpets are an astoundingly beautiful collaboration with textile artist and sculptor, Elisa Strozyk. These unique wooden textiles are actually a combin.

Sherwood - on the floor

Sherwood Rug by Elisa Strozyk for Böwer



Ashdown - beautiful little mountain.

Ashdown - beautiful little mountain.