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portraitpage: “The is proud to present this masterpiece! 🏆Photographer: 🏆Model: ⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋⸋ Selected by: /.

Don't make it the end but like the middle of the story, I would totally read that

Basically a day in the life of Dexter without the voiceover confessions and skipping over the killing scenes. Normal awkward guy going to work, consoling sister, occasionally taking the boat out to fish.

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You are a superhero whose ability subconsciously freezes time whenever someone nearby is in mortal danger. Usually it's obvious who's in trouble and you can save them quickly, but not this time- it's been 10 years.

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A serial killer murdered and buried you, unbeknownst to him you're immortal. You spend the rest of his life tormenting him by pretending to be a ghost.