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James and Sirius

Padfoot I told you to stay in the car! Now look at us we're going to muggle jail and how are they going to explain when suddenly the dog and deer turn into people? I am offended the anyone in the fandom would call PRONGS a DEER. He is a stag.

dialogue prompt

Dialogue Prompt -- "Isn't it the saddest thing? The only picture she has of her daughter is a mug shot from when she was fourteen.

Writing prompt

There was something about her look that told him he was going to loose. That no matter what defenses he took he would never win. But he knew that he had to try, if he didn't then he was destined to fail.

Harry potter (I'm pretty sure the word is twilight)

She wins life! If they don't name their son Harry they're living their life wrong. Oh and the work starred out is Twilight.