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i am not a tree . I AM NOT A TREE! However, trees do grow, shed their old leaves, and come alive again. I am a tree . I AM A TREE!

A tear made of water and feelings . (let's remember that before we hurt anyone


You are so much stronger than you think life quotes quotes quote life strong inspiration strong quotes life sayings

Dealing with shit and staying strong, I hate those pins that make it seem like its ok to cry and say I'm fine and your being strong! Learn to deal without making a scene ladies!

Saying Images share life quotes which can inspire and motivate you, read all these inspirational quotes with pictures about life and live life happy!

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This is beautiful, a quote from Bob Marley on searching for the "perfect" man. If you are guilty of this, then you need to read on. And even if you aren't, this really is a beautiful lesson in love.

Funny pictures about Masks. Oh, and cool pics about Masks. Also, Masks photos.

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