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EDAG Light Cocoon with 3D printed frame - The Making Of. Super cool!!!

EDAG Light Cocoon with printed frame - The Making Of. Maybe something for Printer Chat?

Edag Genesis / TWWHLSPLS

The EDAG Genesis concept. Inspired by the turtle, its a sandwhich structured shell construction produced using additive manufacturing.

David Patchen | Handblown Glass

Foglio series work are sculptural vessel forms that serve as a three-dimensional canvas for highly patterned and detailed compositions and reference the nature of molten glass, freezing its dynamic movement.

The Cortex cast prototype by designer Jake Evill heals fractured bones. The form of the cast varies with each case: 3-D scans are taken of the injury and used to determine the geometry and the distribution of the cast’s voronoi cells. The cells are denser in areas where the fracture is worse, requiring more support #codruo #codurodesign #3dprinting

Cortex cast for fractured bones by Jake Evill. casts for fractured bones could replace the usual bulky, itchy and smelly plaster or fibreglass ones in this conceptual project by Victoria University of Wellington graduate Jake Evill.