茶谷 ひびき

茶谷 ひびき

茶谷 ひびき
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oh my xxx

So awful cook, awful driver, extremely arrogant, very impatient, and extremely disorganized?<<< so basically the perfect European is a shit load annoying.<<<basically the perfect European is America.


Hetalia America & Little America England & Little England France & Little France China & Little China Russia & Little Russia

Sword, Touken Ranbu, Manga Boy, Yuri, Swords, Glass

Touken Ranbu, Samurai, Vocaloid, Anime Art, Fan Art, Pixiv, Swords, Imagination, Fandom, Daughters, Fantasy, Fanart, Sword, Fandoms

Hetalia-Magic Trio-Norway,England,Romania (probably up to no good)

Hetalia-Magic Trio-Norway,England,Romania<<< Nor is so awesome, and Romania reminds me of my favorite character from Diabolik lovers so THIS IS AMAZE BALLS