Haha I laughed way too hard at this

So funny, but also sweet when the older brother tries to protect his younger sibling from the water.


omg so true! But, with girls again, so true. WORLD WAR lll is about to start!

Lol gif from parks and recreation that's Chris Pratt in the background

Pink sparkle..

"Anything is possible with PINK, and a little bit of SPARKLE" :) me in a quote 💕


You are a Princess so wear your crown with pride. I’m a girly girl and Pink, yes Pink is my colour. Cliche as it is the colour Pink does bring out the sparkle in anyone. Man or woman, once you wear a.

Today I did sports, RitterSport.

Ich kam, sah und vergaß, was ich vorhatte.

Jede Frau braucht eine Krone

So ist es.


käme auf nen Versuch an :)

Ein Lösungsversuch

When someone wants to argue with you, just eat cookies. They taste good and you cannot hear anything.

Leaving work on friday

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Love my family:D



Haha :-D

immer diese Gesundheit auf die man achten sollte :D (Best Fall Quotes)