No pin, no hand sewing binding - cool technique!

I love the ric-rack in the binding. Mommy's Nap Time: No pins machine sewn binding tutorial

love this idea.

thinking of doing a smaller quilt/blanket for myself after the big ones are done. love the idea of doing a heart shape out of tiny hearts! Quilt idea from old baby clothes

Good tutorial on quilting a quilt on the sewing machine

Learn the basics of quilting

Quilting for Beginners {Quilting is a beginners guide to quilting. A great tutorial to get you starting with this fun hobby! You'll learn the basics and how to put them together to make a lovely little quilt!View This Tutorial

36 Beautiful Free Quilt Patterns

Ucreate: 36 Beautiful Free Quilt Patterns - links to a bunch of free patterns all in one place

Tutorial for running in circles quilt

crazy mom quilts: running in circles tutorial - uses a special template and requires curved seams

Heart Blocks, Multiple sizes

I heard you! Or read your emails at least…so here’s some info on making those heart blocks in multiple sizes. The full heart quilt tutorial is here. To make each heart block (just the center heart

great quilting tutorials

Beginning Quilting Series

Beginning Quilting Series: How to make a quilt from start to finish ~ *presumes machine sewing knowledge, otherwise starts from scratch

Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog: Basic Quilting Supplies

Basic Quilting Supplies

If new to sewing, check our this Beginning Quilting Series by Diary of a Quilter! Very helpful step by step directions and tips to getting started on your first quilt!

Die kreativen Adern - zwei verschiedene Arten eine Patchworkdecke zu nähen.

Die kreativen Adern - zwei verschiedene Arten eine Patchworkdecke zu nähen.