Why do we use a whole drawer for this, when OBVIOUSLY this is a far superior way of storage?

Hang one of those wire shelves from pantry shelves for storage of plastic wrap, foil, ziplocks, etc. This could free up an entire drawer!

because inevitably, exactly what you're looking for is at the bottom of your makeup bag.

Furniture, Cool Picture Lips And Eyes Cosmetics Organizer Good Small Storage Design Good Cosmetic Picture Good Circle Clock Nice Picture: Unique Designs Of Makeup Containers Organizers That Looks So Cool For Girls

ribbon storage could use for punch storage too crown molding upside down for a shelf genious

Great Idea to repurpose left over molding / Ribbon-Storage or for jars of buttons, etc. the molding would make me less worried about knocking something off

Adjustable drawer organizer. Need. #kitchen #organization

Custom Drawer Organizer for Kitchen Utensils, Silverware, Junk and More by drawerdecor on Wanelo

Easy diy projects!

31 Insanely Easy And Clever DIY Projects Make floating bookshelves with cheap metal bookends!I love the look of floating books!

eco-friendly... mini library by Oeuf

The Oeuf Mini Library is a stylish and practical piece of modern kids furniture. A refined and fun design for children, the Oeuf Mini Library is a strong and st

ModWay Furniture The Kids Kaddur Chair In Blue - Beyond the Rack

The Kids Kaddur Chair - yes, a min version for kids!

carry on playing.

Modular Geometric X Plus Table by Xiaoxi Shi is a winner of Red Dot Design Award.


This set of chairs and small table are curved and smooth in their design. The way they fit together into a small space saving egg design gives it a soft, calm look to any outdoor or indoor living area

this is folded.

The Tentacle wall shelf by Madrid-based designer, José Hurtado, is more than just a simple shelf. The pine cabinet with interchangeable shelves can be adap

Full length mirror with jewelery storage inside. I NEED ONE!!!!

Full length mirror with jewelry storage inside. I want one. It would really help with my jewelry storage issue.If only I had the space for a full length mirror.

Burlap lamp from pottery barn. I want!

Burlap lamp from pottery barn.