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Once you have shown you can't be trusted, you will never be trusted by me again. Breaking someone`s trust is like crumpling up a perfect piece of paper. You can smooth it over but it`s never going to be the same again.

there are so many knives sticking out of my back I'm afraid to remove even just one would leave me torn to pieces..

Results Happen over Time, Not Overnight

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Sometimes the nights in which one can not fall asleep, these are the nights in which one wakes up

Remember to trust yourself above everyone else.

21 Quotes & Teachable Lessons EVERY Strong Woman NEEDS To Hear

never let your loyalty make a fool of you. Being loyal you are never a fool! Too nice yes! Loyalty is never blind. Don't be blind. That's not loyalty. That's blindness.

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Vertragspartner macht euch auf was gefasst :)

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#Quadrasophics #Quadrasophics Shop now: