love yourself fiercely.

Omg yes♥️I want this with Livia

I want this with Livia (Best Friend Poems)

Maybe i'm too late to be your first, but I'm preparing myself to be you last.. And the last I am!! Proud to say I'm his wife!!

Most Popular Baby Names for Boys & Baby Name Meanings

Giving your angel one of the 23 baby names that make you smile is the best trick to make them popular.

Darf ich bitte?❤

❤ Wer so lieb fragt, darf !

Fragt sich nur wer die Verantwortung für das Ergebnis übernimmt.....

Fragt sich nur wer die Verantwortung für das Ergebnis übernimmt.....

I'm the most impatient person I know, but not with you.

Dear future husband, I am fairly patient, BUT in certain things I am way too eager for I tend to hate waiting! & one of those things is the day God decides to give each other to one another. But I know that God makes everything beautiful in its time

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Beste Freunde Sprüche, Geschenke & Erinnerungen


I chose you, not because I think it will always be easy, but because with you I know that even on the dreadful, wretched, luckless days, when the troubles of the world are downpours of thick, clamouring, beating rain - you will laugh, take my hand, and whisper delightfully, Dance with me. [Beau Taplin]

The connection, vibe and general attraction.

Thanks a lot, beautiful unicorn!

Hingucker in der Toilette.

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I am falling in love with myself to get a taste of my own medicine.

Ich nehme dich so wie du bist!

Ich nehme dich so wie du bist!

#es ist zeit, frieden zu schließen

was auch immer es war.

Eine unbesungene Heldin - Fact Bild | Webfail - Fail Bilder und Fail Videos

Eine unbesungene Heldin - Fact Bild

Meiner Meinung nach hätte sie ihn mehr als verdient gewonnen!