Snail {Talk about carrying a load! Are those other snails stuck to the big one or is it just amazing! It's amazing either way. Now I may never eat escargot again}

Beautiful Photography - falltuer

An early spring evening, chill in the air, walking along and gazing up at the lanterns and ferris wheel. ~ via Deviant Art (National Ferris Wheel Day;

Beautiful Photography -

Cloud - one of the most amazing natural phenomena .This is a selection of beautiful photographs of clouds. Typically, in everyday life, we pay little

sealmaiden:    Polly Morgan

Polly Morgan, Systemic Inflammation, Taxidermy and steel, 51 x 44 x 44 in. Photography by Tessa Angus

ghost ship

The Mildred; captain and crew launched a boat and rowed along the cliffs to St Ives. The Mildred, Cornish built and owned, was launched in

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