Love these 50s desks, they are so cute even with a laptop on it. - Liebe diese 50er Jahre Schreibtische, sie sind so zierlich, auch wenn ein Laptop auf ihnen nur stehen kann.

such a pretty plant wall. Too bad I can't even keep one plant alive.

dream bathroom. hanging houseplants: ivy + cordatum + fiddle leaf fig plant + ficus

Green plants and flowers make any space alive, fresh and inviting. Plants in bathrooms are rare, it’s usually not the space for growing anything due to oft

Plant indoors

Ficus lyrata, the fiddle leaf fig, offers wavy green leaves shaped somewhat like a fiddle. It is also among the best plants for cleaning indoor air

Regale für wenig qm, Große Pflanze

31 Bohemian Style Bedroom Interior Design

Easy and bright

midcentury living room // yellow chair // snake plant in modern planter // patterned rug // large windows // lots of textures

1930′s Dutch Artist Home by ZW6 Interior & Architecture - instagram - pinterest - bloglovin

Dutch interior designer Jeroen van Zwetselaar of interior has transformed this semi-detached house into the perfect home of artist Casper Faassen

more greens, please

Our Favorite Plant-Filled Homes

Add house plants to your home to freshen it up. Here are our favorite plant-filled houses. For more decor ideas, head to Domino.

A good example for carpet placement. Green #qatmer runner would be a good option.  #botanic #plants #modern #minimal #decoration #interior #schlicht #lessismore #home #maison #design #livingroom #wohnzimmer #bedroom #schlafzimmer #kitchen #küche #bathroom #badezimmer #garden #garten #floor #flur #carpet #teppich

I love a row of plants on a bench :) Indoor plants and cactus. An assortment of different house plants and foliage. Green rooms and rooms with potted plants.

Houseplants feature

House plants breathe life into interiors, while cleaning the air as they grow- The Guardian. I'd love a whole range of leafy foliage to add nature into my home