Christian Louboutin and David Lynch - Ballerina Dominatrix.

These high heels, like most of those displayed at the Louboutin/David Lynch cocktail party, could have been titled: "Shoes you should never try to stand in.

Doctor Ojiplático. David Lynch. Fotografía | Photography

onsugarandtwirling: Louboutin fetish point shoes photographed by David Lynch.


Christian Louboutin in versione fetish fotografato da David Lynch

A spiked slipper designed to be seen, not worn, in a book and exhibition that the French shoemaker Christian Louboutin worked on with filmmaker David Lynch.

Louboutin’s Fetish Stilettos Lure Fashionistas to London

The “Fetish” section of shoemaker Christian Louboutin’s new exhibition features a slipper lined with steel spikes and stilettos clamped with metal handcuffs.

Fetish David Lynch Photographies 			 Christian Louboutin Souliers

Fetish David Lynch Photographies Christian Louboutin Souliers

David Lynch and Christian Louboutin

Shoe designer Christian Louboutin and movie director David Lynch joined forces on a photogrpahy exhibition of fetish shoes, which opened at the Galerie du Passage in Paris, France in Louboutin designed the shoes, Lynch spent two days taking the pictures.