A Healthy Smile is a Sexy Smile

A Healthy Smile is one of the sexiest things about a person and can be one of your greatest assets! This board celebrates the sex appeal of a healthy set of teeth.
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Great pic!

Next to a million dollars and legs like Carrie Underwood, whiter teeth are one of the top things pretty much any woman would like to have.) But unlike Carrie’s body or a mountain of cash, gleaming pearly whites are.

Dental Beauty

"how to floss your teeth and make it whiter" - but the lip model's wearing green lipstick

Dental Beauty

White, white teeth :) do only once a month due to the lemon juice. Tsp of salt, 3 tsp lemon juice, mix and swish!added note: excessive lemon juice removes the enamel from teeth.

Sexy Dentistry

Leading in cosmetic dentistry using the most advanced techniques to transform your smile From Teeth Whitening,Teeth Straightening and smile makeovers.

Tempted by the fruit of another

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Biting ice

Are you an Ice-Cruncher! Ice is an incredibly hard substance, and when pitted against teeth it can do serious damage to our enamel.

Wink 'n bite

Wink 'n bite