Cuddle tight and snuggle close I love you kitten. You're my everything ❤️❤️❤️ dream of me ❤️ kiss you in your dream sweet dreams ❤️

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Aww cuteness overload — “who’s the winner?” Yes, kitty you are! - It's a little fluff ball!

Shut up and give me that basket stat!


Please live vegan. She is not a leg of lamb. She is a beautiful baby who wants…


Daisy Gilardini Photography

This Fluffy, Itsy Bitty Emperor Penguin ~ Just Broke The Cuteness Scale! (Photographer: Daisy Gilardini Snapped This Penguin Chick on Snow Hill Island, Antarctica.

look at the cute face

Albino hedgehogs are rare, but it can happen. A couple of rare albino hedgehogs were photographed in a pet shop in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Friday, July


I want to go out and play! Golden Retriever puppy in the window

A mother squirrel carrying her newborn baby in her arms- awwwwww!!!


Mama Squirrel & Her Newborn Baby.omg so cute, makes me love squirrels that much more!

Love Story by Vitaly Tkach. This animal odd couple is the definition of peace.

969 Likes, 24 Comments - Elephant Gifts ( little brother.

Boo! Did I scare you?

Oh hai via /r/redpandas



~~winter | squirrel by ervin kobaki~~ repinned by www.landfrauenverband-wh.de #landfrauen #landfrauen wü-ho #württemberg #hohenzollern

Winter - Squirrel by Ervin Kobakçi

"The marriage researcher John M. Gottman has long contended that small moments of attachment and intimacy are vital to a healthy relationship. This is true in business, too." Read more from Harvard Business Review

Leaders Win Trust When They Show a Bit of Humanity

11 Adorable Baby Animals That Will Brighten Your Day

And my sheep shall know my voice...Jesus.

treasured - fine lamb cards (and so farm fresh) from YesandAmen on Etsy - such a sweet photo!

Natural | Chicks on barn boards

May your day be full of chocolate and food and minimal sugar related meltdowns! by katgoldin