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Please buy cosmetics, toiletries, and cleaning products that are NOT tested on animals! It is so easy and many mainstream brands no longer use this barbaric practice! Look for the leaping bunny symbol or other indication that the products are not tested

Beagles are routinely blinded in the testing of shampoo and soap. THINK about THAT in the shower! - Buy only cruelty free products.if it does not say NOT TESTED ON ANIMAL, then it is, and you are paying someone to torture animals

xmas slices: walnut, dried fig & raspberry (raw)

xmas slices: walnut, dried fig & raspberry (raw)

Makes me feel sick to see such inhumanity. The subhuman scum that is committing his foul deed must be really proud of himself.

You're going to Hell if you contribute to these atrocities and STILL consume animals and animal products. I've been vegan since I was like So. You don't need to eat animals to survive obviously.


Yup, I'm vegan, and I'm certainly not perfect. It does make me feel better at least, knowing that I'm not contributing to their suffering. And causing less impact on our environment and natural resources - agreed.

all I want for Christmas is ...

All I want for Christmas is for who ever abuses animals to have a painful long death then go to hell forever animals have done nothing only u have

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