Brick labyrinth ~ This contemporary design melds together the seven circuits of the classical labyrinth and the quarter and half turns of the ancient medieval labyrinths

labyrinth pattern

Classic Cretan labyrinth - I like to do before I try to go to sleep. I find it quiets my busy busy mind.the one with no shutoff button. Doing the labyrinth lulls it into a quiet backgroud and I drift off.

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Labyrinth Maze: Sand Can't go wrong with a Labyrinth, sand and the ocean!


The Amazing Longleat Hedge Maze. 5 miles of hedges, more than English Yews. 6 bridges & a tower. You can't see over the hedges, you can put someone on your shoulders & they can. I am always lost in here for hours! My parents loved this!


Spiritual Garden - A project by AguaFina Gardens International LABYRINTH - big enough?

Labyrinth Garden

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