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Daniel Huttlestone gets a hug from Hugh Jackman while Aaron Tveit smiles winningly from the side. (GIF)

I see Killian Donnelly, George Blagden, Aaron Tveit and Hugh Skinner!and i can barely see Allistair brammer and Fra fee! this is the best thing ive ever seen!

Gavroche and Courfeyrac in Les Misérables (gif) <--- LOOK AT ENJORLAS TRY TO HELP - FEELS!!!!

Gavroche and Courfeyrac in Les Misérables (gif)<<<--- Okay. how bout. I did not ask to cry today. I did not want to cry today.

Ladies and gentlemen, the best ever gif has been found. (Gif)

"Grantaire, put that bottle DOWN!" The musical was lovely and tragic and all, but to keep from sobbing like a moose I try to focus mainly on the happy moments --- Agreed