What I love about this: The family is portrayed in a series of photos stitched together like a camera roll. Emotion is captured in an elegant fashion and the background is tastefully subdued. Color choice is balanced appropriately and make up is simple :)

1st comes Love, then comes Marriage, then... - Once Wed

I will TOTALLY be doing that! :D

Fabulous Christmas card of a family holding pictures of each other, one inside the other. I ♥ this idea!

notebook movie inspired engagement photos

"The Notebook" Inspired Engagement Photos

The Notebook inspired engagement session. Don't be afraid to try an engagement session themed after your favorite book, movie, or song! (Not taken by Olive Photos!


Triptych art is made up of three panels that are intended to be displayed together. A triptych is from a Greek adjective meaning “three-fold”.

so fun

Love In The Rain - Fun Couple Photo Idea - Sugar Leaf Photography engagement-picture-ideas-unique-outdoorsy-include-