Easter Eggs all dressed up Moustache

25 unique Easter Egg Ideas with pictures and tutorials. Gather inspiration with these beautiful Easter egg ideas featuring decoupaged eggs, gold leaf eggs,

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Decorating Easter Eggs can be fun but there are so many gorgeous ideas with original decorating tips that I'm sure it could be called 'art' as well. Ive seen golden easter eggs, black & white, all kinds of DIY crafty ideas for this Easter season.

Schwarz-Weiß-Eier, gekochte Eier bemalt mit einem wasserfesten Stift

Ostertische in vier Stilen: Zweigkönige

Easter Bunny /// DIY Paper Plate Animal Masks #easter #holidays #easter bunny

Easter Bunny /// DIY Paper Plate Animal Masks perfect for my photo booth

♥ Sophora

Sophora prostrata or prostrate kōwhai - Fabaceae Family– New Zealand.

Paper Bag Bunny - and 4 other simple Easter crafts in the post

5 Shockingly Simple Easter Craft Ideas

Dye dipped wooded eggs

Dye dipped wooded eggs, cool idea for my egg allergy girl

DIY Crossword Easter Eggs

Crossword Easter Egg - For a challenging egg hunt for older kids make these up as clues for an Easter treasure hunt.


Simple b unny e gg c osy pattern © Alessandra Taccia To make this simple egg co s y you will need a ball of P ima cotton or any DK .

Black and White Scandinavian-Inspired Easter Eggs

Black and White Scandinavian Inspired Easter Eggs. Especially digging those skinny hearts (also love that its in a curved line)