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gerade weil die mehrheit der menschen weder introvertiert noch hochsensibel ist, brauchen wir solche erklärungen. gut zusammengefasste, auch für weniger empathische menschen verständliche listen, bilder und texte können enorm hilfreich sein!

Before You Label Someone "Anti-Social," You Should Probably Understand What It's Like To Be An Introvert. SOMEONE BLESS THIS PERSON --This is totally me.and I rarely feel that people understand that, mostly at work.


s what Emma, the main character of my novel feels thinking of her lost friend: Too many fragments of my heart lie between your footprints. I will sweep them off your way until my fingers bleed.

Nothing to say...

I have seen many variations of this quote ad artwork to go along with it, but I have to say, this version is my favorite, especially the style of Death.<< it really is beautiful


this it makes me so happy!--Did the sad kid remind anyone of Nico? << He looked like Percy and acted like nico what does this mean agh! But it's absolutely perfect