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some german phrases

Common mistakes in German

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-los! How to say what a thing is lacking in #German.

How to say what a thing is lacking in …

*NIMM DIR WAS DU BRAUCHST* Zögere nicht – nimm dir was du gerade brauchst!

'Take what you need' post card by SüsseDinge

Brotsorten in Deutschland- breads of Germany...No wonder my German exchange student was disappointed with American breads.

Brotsorten in Deutschland- Assorted German breads

Richtungen. I'm not getting the hinauf and hinunter, though. They seem reversed to me. hinauf=up; hinunter=down.

Ich liebe Deutsch added a new photo — with Nga Nguyen and 4 others.

Die Persönliche Note: Freebie: "Sorry!" - "Tut mir leid!" - Humorvolle Karte, um Entschuldigung zu sagen

Die Persönliche Note: Freebie: "Sorry!" - Humorvolle K.


The geography of Germany in German

aufmachen - auf sein *** zumachen - zu sein

aufmachen - auf sein *** zumachen - zu sein to be open - to be closed



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