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Prehistoric Humans

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The Almendres Stone Circle at the Evora complex in Portugal is one of the oldest circle in Western-Europe. It simultaneously calculates the solstices and the equinoxes, being composed of two circles superimposed over each other. There exists an alignment running for over 50km approximately east from Almendres circle, following the path of the spring full-moon. The alignment passes over the largest passage mound in all Iberia (Zambujeiro), and ends at the Xarez Quadrangle (above) at Monsaraz.
One of the Kostenki Venuses, found in Siberia. 23,000 years old and carved from mammoth bone.
The Venus of Laussel was carved around 25,000 from a large block of fallen limestone. The figure was discovered in 1911.


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Otzi, the Ice Man of the Alps who was discovered in 1991. His mummy, created by having been covered with glacial ice shortly after his death, is the oldest known human skin ever discovered, 5,300 years old and he's tattooed. Otzi has 59 separate tattoos.
Neanderthal l, the 1st to be discovered. Germany, 1850s. Originally thought to be a bear!
Reconstruction of a Neanderthal man who lived 70,000 years ago.


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Oldest Footprint Ever Found  This fossil footprint found near Ileret, Kenya, is 1.5 million years old. These footprints are the oldest ever found of the human genus.
Les Combarelles is a cave in Les Eyzies de Tayac, Dordogne, France, which was inhabited by Cro-Magnon people approximately 13–11,000 years ago. Holding more than 600 pre-historic engravings of animals and symbols, the two galleries in the cave were crucial in the re-evaluation of the mental and technical capabilities of these prehistoric humans around the turn of last century.
Shanidar Cave in Iraq. So far 10 Neanderthals and 35 later humans have been found here.

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