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Farmhouse Ribbon Wreath Tutorial | Farmhouse Ribbon Wreath Tutorial | By We Craft Around | Hey guys it's Beth. Today I'll be making a farmhouse wreath using a 14 inch wreath frame from Dollar Tree. This welcome hanger from Dollar Tree as well as different style ribbons. What I did was took each different ribbon and cut them 8 inches. And I'll need 18 of each. You can do this with only four styles of ribbon. I went with five. Most of these are two and a half inches and they're wired. This burlap is three inches and not wired but the rest are. After I had all of my strips cut, I took each of the ribbons and fishtailed them. Next I take one ribbon at a time and pinch it in the center just like that. And then I take my next one. Pinch it in the center again. And just overlap them in my hands. Just crisscrossing them back and forth until you have all four or five different ribbons in your hand. And then what I did was took a piece of twine. Cut it probably about 12 inches. Wrapped it around where I'm holding it in the center of all of them. Twisted it just to make it easier to tie it. And tied it in a knot a couple times. And then I left the twine long. And then what I did was just alternated how I'm putting the ribbons together. So I'll have a different one on the front. And I did so I did two different styles. But you can do them all the same or switch them up and do several different variations of your ribbon stacked. So you'll have 18 bundles when you're all done. And to make the process easier I went ahead and trimmed up a bunch of twine ahead of time just so it's all cut. And then continue making your little bundles. So once the bundles are done I take the ribbon. Flip it upside down so your twine is in the back. And you'll wrap it around the second ring from the center. And Cut the excess twine. And then we'll be moving on to the ring next to that one. So the third ring from the center. And you'll tie your bundle on that one. Just take that twine around that third ring knot it a couple times and trim it up. And then we'll be moving on to the second ring. Again just wrapping your twine around that and tying it. And you'll have three bundles per section. So 18 total. And then you'll alternate. You'll have one on the inner ring, two on the outer. And then two on the inner ring, one on the outer. After you have it all filled in just flip it over and fluff out your ribbons. You can leave it just like this. It is super pretty just as it is. I wanted to add a little welcome hanger. I took this little welcome hanger from Dollar Tree. Cut the hanger in half. Tied the ends of it with the tape that are close to the word so you don't get any paint on them. I painted the entire outer part with black chalk paint. And I got inside each of the letters. So it kind of gives it like a shadow effect. So all the outer edges were the black chalk paint. And then since some of the front got a little of the black chalk paint on them I took a baby wipe and kind of just blended that in so my color on the front would all be the same. So I'll just go over that little bit of black. I then painted the front of it with mineral chalk paint by Waverly and I gave that two coats. After it was all dry. I attached it by taking the hanger I had left on it and just cut it in half and put those pieces through the ribbon and onto the wreath frame. Flipped it around and just tied those off around the frame. And that is it. Super pretty and super easy. Thank you guys so much for watching.
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