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An öffentlichen Orten so zu tun, als ob Du ein Privatdetektiv wärst, und Dir dabei Geschichten zu allen Menschen ausdenken, die Du siehst. | Du bist nicht allein: 34 seltsame Dinge, die andere Menschen auch machen

The stages of getting over your stupid ex's new girlfriend, in GIFs. -- "Harriet the Spy", Michelle Trachtenberg, 1998


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funny funny. men vs. women!

Funny pictures about Men vs. Women: The Eternal Battle. Oh, and cool pics about Men vs. Women: The Eternal Battle. Also, Men vs. Women: The Eternal Battle.

"Happy Girls are the prettiest" (Audrey Hepburn) 10 easy ways to be happy! Eat an apple every day as 10 o'clock snack!

Happy girls are the prettiest. You're never fully dressed without a smile. There's little sexier than a confident happy person. 10 ways to be a happier you in 2014 - LOVE this list, need to put it into practice every.

WTF+Fun+Facts+About+Love | MORE OF WTF-FUN-FACTS are coming HEREfunny and weird facts ONLY

When ever someone says something to me I blush. When people point out I am blushing I blush more. Also, one day, I looked at my self in the mirror and I had blush on my cheeks, I said to myself, "Oh look you're blushing!