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You hate when people see you cry because you want to be that strong girl. At thr same time, though, you hate how nobody notices how torn apart and broken you are. So true. So true. So true.


I’m Done. I’m Drained Spiritually; I’m Dead. I’m Smile ” ~ Mistake Quote.story of my life

Joel 2:15, 25 ASV Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly; And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the canker-worm, and the caterpillar, and the palmer-worm, my great army which I sent among you.

God can restore what was broken and change it into something amazing. All you need is faith, Joel God Quote


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It's all about making the right decisions in life. is your heart telling you it or is your head telling you it. Always listen to your heart before it gets broken apart

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I've never had my heart broken as badly as you did. Being wrongly accused of terrible things hurt like nothing else that's ever happened to me. My heart has been beaten and battered by the man I love most in the world, and still, I can't hate you.

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50 Inspirational Quotes To Get You Out Of Your Deep, Dark Funk

It still hurts more than he could imagine but he doesn’t feel anything towards me. I’m worthless to him, but I still think about the what if’s everyday.

Best Inspirational Quotes About Life QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Life Quote Every time I think of you, I have to remind myself that if you wanted to talk to me, you would. Sharing is Caring – Keep QuotesDaily up, share this quote !

Yeas, sometimes I do miss you my used-to-be-bestfriend.!

I miss late night phone calls until one of us passes out. I miss cuddling in my living room watching movies. I miss how you used to care about me.