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Okapi Wildlife Reserve

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO! Visit the Okapi Wildlife Reserve in Democratic Republic of the Congo! Okapi looks like a cross between a deer and a zebra, but most closely it is related to the giraffe!

A rare Isabel Colt. Imported from Brazil.    Classic Roman head....beautiful in its own way.

This pin called this horse "rare Isabel Colt. Imported from Brazil.beautiful in its own way." I can find no reference to "Isabel," and from my browsing I believe this is a Campolina.

Kladruber stallion Sacramoso Rabia VIII

Kladruber stallion Sacramoso Rabia VIII


The Kladruber is the oldest Czech horse breed and one of the world's oldest horse breeds. It is considered very rare. Bred in Kladruby nad Labem national stud, the Kladruber breed is almost 400 years old, yet is remarkably rare.

Knabstrupper - stallion Colorado Skrødstrup

all-the-horses: “ Colorado Skrødstrup Perikles Christinelyst x Jeanette Skrodstrup Knabstrupper, Stallion Born 1999 ”

Phaustino Knabstrupper Knabstrup Stallion at Stud Spotted Sport Horse KNN

I would kill for a nice Appy or Knabstrupper sport horse.