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Geometric Tattoo design & Model for 2017 Image Description Manila-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes known as Sketchy Stories has created a new series of sketches combing animals with geometric forms.

The Art of Color Coordination

The Art of Color Coordination. This infographic discuss about color coordination and how you can use this to your advantage when designing your website. Good color choices should never be neglected in web design. A bad color combination can have the same

Little wing faerie art

Three Lilies Silk Art Nouveau Lamp - I've always liked Art Nouveau lamps for some reason even though the it wouldn't "fit" anywhere in my home.

Cinema 4D - Creating Realistic Crystals Tutorial

In this tutorial “Michael Novelo” will teach you How to create realistic crystals in cinema

Cinema4D softbodies tutorial and (slow motion with cinema4D). Cinema4D Tutorial - softbodies and slow motion in cinema4D. We all know that s...

softbodies tutorial and (slow motion with Tutorial - softbodies and slow motion in We all know that s.

Cinema 4D tutorial: wood destruction

I'm going to show you how to add details to breaking wood planks using subpolydisplacement. This method is great to create wood destruction.

Chapter 1 - Modeling, Fracturing & Dynamics

In this training series you'll learn how to create the ground collapsing effect from the trailer completely from scratch. We’ll cover a lot of topics,…

Cinema 4D Balls

Cinema 4D Balls