Making armor

How to make armor boots among other things. Hyperlink to page with cosplay tutorials - can be modified for male armor Super Hero shirts, Gadgets

leather spats. These will be great to hide normal shoes

My boots are comfy, but they no longer match my outfit. These will be great to hide normal shoes

Leather Armor for women

Envel Cosplay documents the whole process on making a leather breast plate completely in the notes on the original Deviation. This tutorial is a keeper :)

Fawn leg building

Female Satyr/Faun (image heavy) - CRAFTSTER CRAFT CHALLENGES --- This is brilliant. Open cell, duct tape, cement on a cloth outer layer, probably run straps down the outer thighs, attach to belt for "chaps" effect.


Custom Order for Womens Leather Armor -- collar, chest piece, war ski…

Gowns Pagan Wicca Witch:  #Gown.

Prior Pin says: Rossetti "Flaming Autumn" Gown. Rossetti is a U. Specializes in wedding gowns, tutus, and costumes. Makes gowns not by size but to fit the client. Can reproduce shown items closely (if not exactly).

Armor - Corset

Made of the finest dragon hide* available on the market today, this Red Dragon Slayer Fantasy Armor is the absolute latest in dragon hunting

Now that is elven armor

If only it would give u the armour points for Larping great tho for a elf cosplay tho

Leather armour

This was my very first set of armor in the SCA. made the whole thing out of puckboard. Light, strong, offered a ton of protection with a padded shirt underneath.