The quote is so cute and design is really pretty. I agree, you have to take risks in order to live out your dreams!

Sloan Sabbith, Ol


I hope every day that you feel as strongly for me as I do for you. I think about a future with you and I feel excited.

Hippie-Foto, vielleicht auch als Bild für die Wand?

Bombing for Peace is like fucking for virginity - anti-war Protest sign


I feel extremely guilty about feeling this way but I can't control how I feel. I have never been this out of control. All I can hope for is to meet him

Time to embrace #sobriety. This is you. Celebrate your fresh new way of life. #addiction


Time to embrace #sobriety. This is you. Celebrate your fresh new way of life. #addiction

Ich möchte dich wissen lassen, aber ich möchte dir nicht erzählen.

I often feel this way because I can't usually get all the right words out and express how I actually feel i have a pretty hard time letting people in there's only one person in my family i really trust to tell anything to

Voor jou geldt alle drie .... al kan jouw tong vlijmscherp zijn .. .. je bent een mooi mens !

love girlfriend boyfriend quote life quotes i love you happiness best friends love quotes lovers trust soulmates stay old times so happy quotes about love don't leave i found you i'm happy best times I'm lucky please remember new times the day i met you

Definitely on my way...not knowing the destination is just fine since I have defined the way I want to travel the journey.

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