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If you weren't crying or hurting during this scene, you aren't human.

The look in Sherlock's eyes when he realizes how important he is to John, and how much trouble he is going to be in during the big reveal.<<<OMG JOHNLOCK YOU GUYS I'M GONNA CRY

Hetalia where it shouldn't be xD

Hetalia where it shouldn't be xD<<< Hetalia EXACTLY where it shoul be :)))))))

Kidlock. I cannot take this adorableness. I DIED.

BBC Sherlock Holmes / John Watson / Mycroft / Kidlock / jam / fanart / fan art so adorable

G uY S

LIKE COME ON GUYS<<<russia is not a villain he is just intimidating to the other countries because russia is a larger countrie and I believe that he is misunderstood.

A www the fairy

pixels <<< I don't ship it but it's supes cute <<< awww poor Prussia XD he's so cute <<<< Cockblocked by a fairy XDDD that's adorable, though. Maybe next time, Gil!


am i the only one who thought "A wild PRUSSIA appears!" when he said "you'll never know when I'll appear"? I would like to see fan art of Prussia playing Bingo in an old persons home.