French Renaissance dress

Details zu UNIKAT-Prächtige TUDOR French Hood JANE SEYMORE Brokat/Seide

If I can incorporate two neutral trims like this to my peach gown it will be perfect!

Mantel aus Wolle Die Nachfolgerin des Winters | Nachrichten, Nachrichten von Armstreet, mittelalter Bekleidung :: ArmStreet

Wool Grey Fantasy Coat "Heritrix Of The Winter" snow princess white queen fur coat. I'm in love with coats like this

Mittelalterliches Leinenkleid "Herrin des Flusses"

hellkatsally: I don’t have anywhere to wear a cobalt blue medieval linen gown, but if I did… (via Blue Dress Lady of the Lake medieval dress linen by armstreet)

Mittelalter Kostüm "Stadtfrau" Westeuropa Xiv-xv. Jhrt

Medieval costume set: chemise, surco and ladies hat. Best Sellers for sale :: by medieval store ArmStreet

Fantasie Mittelalter Kleid „Sansa“

Medieval wool dress Sansa This is a beautiful medieval style dress! The colors and model remind me of Priestess of Alder! So Magikal and beautiful!

Wollkleid "Sansa" Fantasy Mittelalter

Medieval wool dress “Greensleeves” with attached sleeves, wide scoop neckline and floor-length skirt can be made to measure.

Mittelalter Kostüm "Stadtfrau" Westeuropa Xiv-xv. Jhrt

Light semi-fit thin flax tunic, red broad and very long upper medieval dress (surco) and flax houve of the fancy hat shape agregate into amazing common but stylish costume.