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awhodareswinsfan: “ Two men of the Special Boat Service sit with a member of the CIA’s Special Activities Division, Afghanistan, circa ”

Special Boat Service | Re: = Mornin', Sarge! - British Special Boat Service [SBS], Tora Bora ...

British Special Boat Service (SBS) Operatives during Battle of Tora Bora in the Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan

Love Marc Blucas Photos from The Jane Austen Book Club

Picture: Marc Blucas in 'The Jane Austen Book Club.' Pic is in a photo gallery for Marc Blucas featuring 24 pictures.


MD over at Clifford Street wearing Drake’s Olive Peacoat, Green Shetland Wool Jacket, Brown Sleeveless Lambswool Cardigan, Blue Oxford Cloth Button Down Shirt and Green Madder Tie.

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