Bearded collie puppies

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Puppy Pics

Cute puppy pics of Snoopy the Bearded Collie Therapy Dog who Likes a Little Mischief!!

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Bearded Collies und Welsh Corgi Pembrokes vom Flammenzauber

Bearded Collie und Corgi Welpen vom Flammenzauber. ÖCBH/ÖKV Zucht in Bernstein/Burgenland mit vielen Informationen - "Hütehunde mit Schmunzelfaktor"

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Gestriegelt und gebürstet.. Gebadet und gefönt... Tz.. das fehlte noch.. Emely

There are many interesting Bearded Collie Facts about this herding breed. Bearded Collie Puppies, Dogs And Puppies, Doggies, Tibetan Terrier, Pet Breeds, Matou, Dog List, Purebred Dogs, Old English Sheepdog

Colors and Coats

Beardies come in four main colors: Black, Blue (dilute black), Brown, and Fawn (dilute brown). Their markings might or might not differ from the standard — or they might have minimal markings. When…

BEARDED COLLIE Active, outgoing and affectionate, the Beardie makes a wonderful family pet. Like most long-haired breeds, Bearded Collies require a commitment to grooming. They need a few minutes of brushing or combing everyday. This breed also needs exer Collie Breeds, Akc Breeds, Bearded Collie Puppies, Scruffy Dogs, What Kind Of Dog, Collie Mix, Pet Dogs, Doggies, Brushing

Bearded Collie Dog Breed Information

Right breed for you? Bearded Collie information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, videos, and the AKC breed standard.