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This would work for a garden tool shed. small tool storage shed. Small Storage Sheds


Deck with built in sections for herbs, veggies, flowers, etc - love this idea! This link doesn't work, but the idea could be worked out to suit any deck.


For kids - sail boat sandbox. I real boat can be used on the playground and filled with sand! I think it is a really great idea!

Love this, have a couple of smaller ones with hens. Love the flowers

Blue Lobelia spilling out of the planter. suttonbend Blue Lobelia spilling out of the planter. Blue Lobelia spilling out of the planter.


Check out these creative ideas for garden decoration and transform the old chair into a planter with an interesting design. This unusual idea was a tribute


Kitchen Sink Planter ~ How Fun! I have a kitchen sink in my backyard that I plant in. I am so doing this in the spring (I still need to find an old faucet, though).


Paint Pallet Potting ♡ fun garden idea when you have colorful plants

Создайте уютный уголок для чаепития в одиночестве

11 Beautiful rose gardens - If you're a proud garden owner, you're aware of the cost and effort required to design a beautiful landscape. What makes a beautiful garden?



вот и старая обувь пригодилась))

вот и старая обувь пригодилась))