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"Morning Dew Bokeh" The way the light reflects the water is amazing.  The dots of light every where give a very calming feel.  The background is very soft while the foreground is in extreme focus.

solid working idea - blades of grass with morning dew. would start by blowing/shaping bead of dew then add green bit as blade of grass? (could break off bead of dew in box and attach bit for grass to cover hole

1. Sep: Mit dem heutigen meteorologischen ‪#‎Herbstbeginn‬ heißt es ‪#‎Abschied‬ nehmen vom ‪#‎Sommer‬!‪#‎Herbstanfang

I'm Bat Paw. I am a apprentice! I hope to be the best warrior the clan has ever seen! I am a male and have a sister called Shadow paw. My mentor is Tiger Tail! Hope to see you soon

Gorgeous cat ~ unusual color & markings

A Chimera cat is made up of two different original embryos. If they fuse together early enough, they will become one organism who actually is the fusion of two completely different individuals. In nature, they are very rare to come by.