The Big Four... and Elsa

Frozen, How to Train you Dragon, Tangled, Rise of the Guardians and Brave. Rise of the brave tangled frozen dragons I THINK

World in a glass

For some reason 'once upon a December' started playing in my head when is saw this picture

Some fancy words we'll probably never use, but they make us feel smarter...

Some of the best words of the English language. - The Meta Picture .well technically that last word is German so I don't think the other ones are all English but they're beautiful nonetheless

spruch hochzeit zitat - Google-Suche

A marriage between 2 persons shall be like a relationship between the hand and the eye. When the hand gets injured, the eye cries. When the eye cries, the hand wipes away the tears.

Girlfriend test...I passed!

Girlfriend test.

Girlfriend test: Match the pairs Girl's response (Boyfriend test): Nope, you forgot Atari​.