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No wonder Kili looked so serious during this, he's trying his hardest not to laugh again. 'We have to get it this time! We have to... Nope I'm gonna laugh again!"

Friendly reminder that Dean O’Gorman and Aidan Turner needed 47 takes for that scene: “Fili and Kili, at your service.” Because they didn’t manage to bow at the same time and because Martin Freeman was behind the camera making faces like this

“Zentrum für Psychiatrie” | 19 Momente, in denen Schule witziger war, als Du dachtest

18 Bilder, die beweisen, dass Schule in Wirklichkeit hart ist

Thranduil with Elrond and Elros

Thranduil with Elrond and Elros ほとんどエルフ2 by きゃた I don't get it, but I have this on my board XD